• AccelRate”s principal product is the world’s most advanced high speed battery charging technology.
    The unique and proprietary AccelRate technology can be used with lead-acid, nickel metal hydride (NiMh), nickel cadmium (NiCd), lithium ion (Li-Ion) and other specialty batteries powering equipment large and small, from cell phones to fork lifts to electric vehicles.
  • Key attributes include:
    • Speed – reduces charge time by up to 80%.
    • Flexibility – adaptable with various battery chemistries and sizes.
    • Safety – reduces heat build-up while monitoring temperature, voltage, current, and
      battery state-of-charge.
    • Maximizes Battery Lifetime – allows for 100% state-of-charge; extends life by reducing
      battery overheating.
    • Decreases Costs – reduces space, labour, energy and capital expenditure costs, lowers
      battery maintenance.
    • Increases Productivity – higher labour productivity; increases space availability.
    • Compatibility – easily implemented into existing charger technologies.