Accelrate Power Systems

Our strategy is to integrate AccelRate technology in collaboration with strategic partners, or licensees, to meet the specific product needs of each application. We will license our technology to leaders who will marry AccelRate’s patented charging algorithm with the particular market’s best hardware system and manufacture products to drive commercial sales and recurring revenues.

The AccelRate management team brings many years of combined experience in working with it’s licensees to the design, development, manufacture, marketing and commercialization of high technology solutions.

AccelRate mission is to be a global industry standard in battery chargers.
AccelRate technology will enable original equipment manufacturers to develop advanced products that meet customer requirements in the highest quality manner.
AccelRate embraces sustainability and will strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with partners, distributors, and employees.

By marrying the best charging system with the best hardware system, AccelRate provides end-use customers with the most unique and exclusive product available today, offering significant cost savings over traditional battery charging.

In industrial applications, high-speed charging eliminates the requirement to maintain multiple batteries and chargers per forklift truck.  This in turn eliminates the need for battery handling and staging rooms. The end result is higher labour productivity, increased floor space usage, and energy savings.

In portable applications, users of battery-powered electronic devices do not have to purchase extra batteries and can apply a charge in minutes rather than hours. This can all be done without additional cost to the end-user.

Tradespeople will see immediate cost benefits as they reduce their purchase of multiple expensive batteries and chargers for their cordless power tools. In addition to reduced charge time and extended battery life, AccelRate chargers will also allow enhanced productivity and reduced capital costs.

As AccelRate technology can be fully integrated into existing chargers, vehicles incorporating AccelRate technology would not have any added expense. Users would, however, see the benefits of reduced charge time and energy savings, not to mention increased enjoyment of having a quiet, zero-to-low emissions vehicle!